Riding The Comet

A gripping World War II drama exploring the themes of family, fear and patriotism and what can become of us when pushed to the brink. Named a TOP 5 PRODUCTION OF 2011 by the Princeton Packet.




Riding The Comet
Stage Drama
Drama; Cast: 5 M, 2 F

Brief Description:
In WWII Occupied France, a resistance family is visited by two American GIs. A plan is in motion to return them safely to England. But as the family endures the horrors of war, the eldest daughter, Linette, can no longer bear the loss and fragmentation of her family and becomes desperate to restore her peaceful life. While the younger daughter, Andie, discovers her own way of dealing with grief.

When Linette is forced into an unfamiliar role, the safe return of the GIs is in jeopardy as fear takes its toll and Linette becomes increasingly desperate.

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What they're saying...
Comments from Independent Third Parties:
"The rapt attention of the audience and its enthusiasm at the curtain clearly indicates that “Riding the Comet” is deeply affecting."
~US1 Newspaper
"Packs a big punch"
~Princeton Packet
"There are a number of twists in this gripping tale."
~Princeton Packet
A Top 5 Production of 2011
~Princeton Packet
"The overall story is very good and well thought out."
"The pacing of the last scene is perfect. It's very fast and tense."
"Linette captures the essence of a child trapped in a woman's body...Her character is substantial..."
"The idea of the play is intriguing and a valid attempt to capture the greater picture of life during the war."
--New Works of Merit Playwrighting (NYC)
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Non-Equity Premiere
Actors' NET (PA)
Sept 16 -Oct 2, 2011
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Actors' NET (PA)
May 2009
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Awards & Recognitions
Riding The Comet was named a Top 5 Production of 2011 by the Princeton Packet.


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