Mobbed Up

The Philadelphia Mob infiltrates a family-owned ice cream parlor at the Jersey Shore. Who knew the Mob could be such a pain in the ass?





Mobbed Up
aka Boardwalk Nights
Comedy Feature

Log Line:
Financial straits force brother and sister owners of a beach side ice cream shop to rent their back room to the local Mafia for a gambling parlor.

Brief Synopsis
Jeanie promised her dying father she would go to Princeton University in the fall and her brother Ethan promised to run the family ice cream shop at the Jersey Shore. When the insurance check comes up short, Ethan brokers a deal with Frank and Dean, two equally desperate Philadelphia mobsters. In exchange for a cut of the profits, the mobsters get to run a gambling parlor out of the ice cream shop's back room for the summer.

The Mob crew arrives and quickly turns a quiet family business into a disorderly mobster haven. A nosey neighbor, missing Mob cash and an elusive seagull add to the fun.

While Ethan plans his future as a wiseguy, Jeanie becomes friendly with a hit man and soon has to confront truths about her future and her father's past.

With a strong female protagonist and a side-splitting ensemble, Mobbed Up is not your typical gangster flick.

Who knew the Mob could be such a pain in the ass?

Formerly in development; rights have returned to the author. (1/10/13)

This script is represented by Hazel Hoyle at Oxygen Films.
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What they're saying...
Comments from Independent Third Parties:
"This is a superb premise and promising treatment with excellent prospects for sale."
"Lots of potential in this concept and the writer."
--Script Savvy
"This script has all the makings of a novel and entertaining screwball comedy."
"Frank and Dean were both very specific, authentic characters, and their dialogue was both humorous and true to the situation and location."
"Jeanie's transformation was brilliant and inspiring."
"Funny, sharp dialogue. Each character has a unique voice."
--Script Savvy
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Available. Formerly in development; rights have returned to the author.



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