Pregnant Pause

A romantic comedy within a comedy, Pregnant Pause is a city-styled, lower-budget film script with a power-fem hero delivering lively characters and big laughs. My newest completed feature script.





Pregnant Pause
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Comedy Feature

Log Line:
Rebecca is a hard-boiled career woman focused solely on making partner at her firm. But when she’s confronted by an unplanned pregnancy and begins falling for the baby’s father, she fears she'll have to choose between her career and the family life she never expected—unless this city girl really can have it all.

Brief Synopsis:
Rebecca is the hardest working young lawyer in New York. She’s bent on making partner at her firm, a goal her father was never able to achieve. With the help of her loyal assistant Bennett, she lands the prized account and pulls out all the stops to impress the old boys’ club in the big offices.

Bennett prods her into letting off some steam by setting her up on a date with Marco, Midtown’s hottest chef, who plans on opening his own restaurant. Just when she’s elevated to the “big floor”  and her promotion seems imminent, Rebecca discovers the unexpected encounter with Marco has left her pregnant.

When this distraction leads to some crucial business and romantic missteps, Rebecca’s former beau and law firm rival, Ross steps in to snatch the big account and gain the partnership promotion. But if Rebecca can find out what she truly wants in life, she just might be able to have a partnership and a family with the man she loves.

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This script is represented by Hazel Hoyle at Oxygen Films.
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What they're saying...
Comments from Independent Third Parties:
"This is a really talented writer...the dialogue is top of the line stuff, and the rest of the script is of a high quality. "
--Academy Nicholl Fellowship
"PREGNANT PAUSE is a moving and touching story. It is a funny comedy with a strong female lead. Rebecca is funny, assertive and spiritual."
"The script is well-structured. The dialogue is very funny and witty. The story moves quickly and the pacing is really good. The characters are loveable and hilarious."
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Awards & Recognitions
Pregnant Pause reaches the TOP 20% of the Academy Nicholl Fellowship
Pregnant Pause reaches the TOP 10% of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition

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