The much-loved backyard game combines with a hero who has nothing to lose to deliver a clever and exciting comedy.






Sports Comedy Feature

Log Line:
Shunned by the fans who once adored him after an epic on-field collapse, ex-major leaguer Carter McCain is a personal and professional failure. But when his World Series nemesis challenges him to a high-stakes Wiffle Ball game, Carter gains the courage to once again take the field leading his rag-tag team in a final shot at redemption.

Brief Synopsis:
Following a devastating World Series loss and career-ending injury, and now alone with a failed business, Carter McCain has never been lower. But Carter gets baited into a Wiffle Ball tournament by his old rival, Guy Tyler, the surly fireballing closer who ended his career.

His former intern, the high school debate team, a love interest and an ex-teammate with some unfinished business combine to back Carter on the Wiffle Ball field.

Battling a painful past, chronic injuries and an empty bank account, Carter fights to win back the respect of baseball's angriest fans and just maybe have a shot at love if he can prove his self worth by leading his ragtag team to victory over his longtime nemesis.

It’s a plastic on plastic duel for Wiffle Ball supremacy!

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What they're saying...
Comments from Independent Third Parties:
"The writer has done a fantastic job with the opening.  Not only does it set up the major characters, but it surprises the audience...The writer displays a real talent for narrative storytelling"
--Script Savvy
"The secondary cast really shines in this story.  In fact, there are so many great supporting characters that it would be difficult to go into each one. "
--Script Savvy coverage
"There are some very funny lines and character choices throughout the script."
"You easily cultivated an audience investment in Carter’s success as an empathetic down and out, yet willful protagonist, with a clear object of desire."
--Script Savvy
"Very witty. Overall the writer demonstrates great potential for dialogue and structure...the script is in a very solid position."
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WIFF finished in the TOP 10% of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

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